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Seamless wireless experience

The biggest problem with wireless mice is the unreliable battery life. This problem is solved by our product of the 21st century – LOOP. A unique power supply takes care of the long life of our mouse. Solar energy is stored in a pair of batteries. It is possible to switch between the batteries by a simple lever at the bottom of the mouse. This will ensure long-term and uninterrupted use.

Blueprint EN (1)

The case is made of metal-composite PLA and is made with a 3D printer. The circuit is designed to charge a discharged battery with a solar panel. In this way, even charge of the batteries and stable operation during use are achieved. The shape of the device resembles an oval. This shape allows ergonomic hold and a comfortable feel after prolonged use.

The DOT civic association is made up entirely of students and therefore does not bear any responsibility for the product sold or for any damage caused by it.